About Us

The D. Dorrance & Son Promise

Building upon the knowledge of his father Ira Dorrance, David Dorrance began building homes in the Fox Valley over 30 years ago. The carpentry legacy continues today as David Dorrance uses his hands on approach to craft custom homes for a limited number of clients each year.

The secret to the success of D. Dorrance and Son has been the keen eye for detail and home design through a woman’s perspective of wife Peggy Dorrance. You deserve a custom home or renovation designed around you with the attention to detail, service, and pride that only a hands on family builder can provide. We look forward to the opportunity to build your family a home or improving your existing one because every D. Dorrance & Son project is “Finished to Distinction.”

Call us at 847-931-1407 to set up an appointment to see our quality homes or use our Contact Form for a free personal consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will it cost?

We know budget can be the biggest source of stress for every building or remodeling project. When we’ve had a chance to discuss the project with you and to look at the site, we’ll give you an accurate estimate. We’ll also discuss factors that may take a project over budget or save you money. We’ll keep you in control of the budget.

2. How long will it take to complete the project?

Projects are broken down into two phases. The first phase: Selections, scheduling and permit process should take between three – four weeks. The second phase: Construction, usually takes six – eight weeks depending on the complexity of the project. We provide a written and accurate construction schedule guideline. And yes, custom homes take longer!

3. How soon can you start?

We only take on a limited number of projects each year so that we are able to concentrate on giving you the best service.  We will add you to the schedule as soon as we have an opening.

4. Do you offer any guarantee or warranty for your work?

Our commitment is to bring the highest quality workmanship and customer service that we can to your project. We stay in constant communication with you throughout the project to make sure you know what we’re doing and how we stand behind our work. We’re always available to answer questions and to make sure you’re satisfied with the work we do.

5. Can I get a referral from another one of your clients?

Absolutely. Just give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with the client whose project most resembles your needs.